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santa cruz dental care best natomas dentist

Mariella R.

Dr. Azurduy is excellent. He is knowledgeable, friendly, gentle and has the latest equipment. His staff is also friendly and helpful. I am a very satisfied patient.

santa cruz dental care best natomas dentist

Marnie M.

Honestly the BEST dentist office I have ever been too and I have seen many ! First off I have had horrible dental experience's in the past so I only see the dentist when I'm in pain. I have had most my teeth treated with root canals and extractions so I am embarrassed to go to the dentist. When I saw Dr. Daniel the very first time in 2017 I knew I would never go elsewhere. He is PAIN FREE and I mean nothing - even the dreaded shots. He's so free of judgment and tells you everything that needs to be done step by step. I just left his office after he worked on my teeth for 2 hours - amazing experience with the beautiful staff and office (with a chair that massages you the whole time ) I'm pain free and my teeth are feeling and looking awesome. If you are fearful of the dental treatments this is your place - or want to be papered! If I could give 10 stars I would !!

santa cruz dental care best natomas dentist

Tania D.

Not only is Dr. Daniel Azurduy a great dentist but he is also very thoughtful and careful. The staff is very kind as well. The office is very clean and comfortable. From the massage chair to the Netflix, this has been the best experience I've ever had at a dentist office.

santa cruz dental care best natomas dentist

Courtney G.

I always get stressed out going to the dentist and I can't say enough about what a great dentist Daniel is. Everything in the office is brand new and spotless. They have Netflix for you to watch while you wait or as you're having work done and massage chairs!! to help you relax through the whole process. The front desk staff are the sweetest and super helpful, and Daniel explains everything so that you know what he's doing and what to expect. I've already sent a few new patients their way because it's not often you find a dentist like him.

santa cruz dental care best natomas dentist

Brittany B.

Simply AMAZING! Got recommended by a co-worker and I'm so happy with the results I've been getting. Staff is so professional as well as Dr. Daniel ! He's been nothing but helpful throughout my whole dental experience to being very communicating and telling me everything I will need ! I'm so happy with the dental work he has done and EVERYTHING else ! Totally recommend him for any dental work you need done

santa cruz dental care best natomas dentist

Natalia A.

I feel so lucky to have found this new dental office in Natomas! First of all, the office is so relaxing and extremely clean. The front desk - Alex - is super nice and professional. On your first visit she gives you a tour of the entire office. You get to see all the new equipment they have for their patients. They have a water filtration system on the wall and they explain to you how this helps them keep all the instruments clean and the water that is used for treatment bacteria free! The dental chairs are extremely comfortable and you have the option to turn on the massager built in while you lay on them. You can also use their Bose headphones to watch Netflix or listen to music! Aside from the amazing accommodations - Doctor Daniel is fantastic. On your first visit, he takes his time to go through each of your x-rays and explains everything you need to know. He is very detailed oriented and professional. I had never had a Doctor spend more than a few minutes with me at the other dental offices I used to go to. Doctor Daniel makes sure you understand your treatment and why you need it. He is honest and doesn't see his patients as a pocket book.

If he can do a less expensive treatment for you, he will do that! I am so glad that I decided to go to Santa Cruz Dental Care! I will never change dentist again after finding Doctor Daniel 🙂

I went in a little nervous for my cleaning but Dr. Daniel did an awesome job. My teeth felt so clean afterwards. Bad news from Dr was that I needed a filling to be done. Again I was afraid of the injection,but Dr. Daniel has such a gentle hand that I honestly did not feel the injection. The office is state of the art with massage chairs and Netflix. The staff was great. It was a great experience. I would definitely recommend this office. Thank you for my awesome work Dr. Daniel.

Alexandria R.

Dr Daniel Azurduy not only has hands of angel, but when he was working on my dental treatment, I noticed he is a perfectionist and detail oriented dentist. I truly believe he was born to be a dentist and he is an artist in dentistry. Every single step in the plan he meticulously prepared to make my smile more beautiful and healthy, has been developed with the most caring and professional way. Santa Cruz Dental Care is the to go dentist clinic. 

Eugenia R.

Santa Cruz Dental is the first dental office I have NOT dreaded. I had a whole tooth removed and implant placed and the they have made the whole process as easy as possible.

The office has all new furnishings and equipment in a nice gunmetal color (Not the oxidized yellow equipment we are all used to). They also have Netflix and massage chairs!

Most importantly Dr. Azurduy & his staff (Alex at the front desk has always been great!) have always been transparent in pricing/treatment plans and explain everything they will be doing step by step with diagrams as well.

I admire Dr. Azurduy and his staff for their professionalism all while able to maintain a family like atmosphere. They make you feel like you have been a lifetime patient & I am so happy I have found a dentist like Dr. Azurduy!

Hector T.

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